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When It Comes To Your Roof, Go With The Roofing Contractor You Can Count On, IEI Restoration!

Are you searching for a high quality residential and commercial roofing contractor? Welcome to IEI Restoration! When you are in need of a professional roofer in Denver, CO, we are the roofing contractors you can depend on. We opened our doors in 2009, and we have been providing premium roofing services to this community ever since. We specialize in roof restoration services, as well as commercial and residential repair and re-roofing needs. If you are interested in learning more about us, read on, or give us a call at 303-872-0049 and speak to one of our friendly associates!

The roofers at IEI specialize in residential roofing services and are ready to help citizens living in the Denver, CO. area. We believe that every person deserves a high-quality roof, so since 2009, we have been servicing Denver and the surrounding areas to deliver roof services that keep homes protected and families feeling more comfortable. Whether you need storm damage repair, roof replacements, or need help on your roof insurance claims, the IEI roofing contractors are ready to offer you exceptional service that will elevate stress and leave you with a better performing roof than before. We are able to do this by using premium roofing materials and using specialized tools to get you a better roof. Let the residential roofers at our company take care of you today and we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our roof repairs and replacements.

As for our commercial roofing services, you can count on us for high-quality, low-slope, and flat roof repairs or replacements. Commercial roofs are susceptible to all sorts of damage, primarily from debris buildup and moisture. You can avoid damages by keeping up with annual maintenance appointments. In the event that you are ready to replace your roof, give us a call for your free inspection, In some cases, we can offer you a roof restoration package at a lower cost, and you can extend the life of your roof by another 10 years. We can even help you take steps to improve the energy efficiency of your roof, which can lead to lower heating and cooling costs within your building. When you need a roofer in Denver, CO that can help you save money year-round, you can count on IEI Restoration.

Shake Roof Epidemic

When it comes to roofing, we see a surprising amount of failing cedar shake roof systems in Denver and the surrounding areas. These roofs are very useful for defending your roof against extreme weather conditions such as hail, and they can last for over 30 years when properly installed. However, they will rot right off your roof if you let them! To handle this epidemic, we are equipped with unbeatable roofer expertise and high-quality roofing materials. At your free inspection, we can assess your cedar roof for damage, and discuss with you the best course of action, be it repair or replacement. Learn more about cedar shake roofs, here!

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofer Services

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Our Residential Roofing Services Are Affordable And Reliable!

Residential roofs are available in a variety of different styles, and can be manufactured from a variety of different materials. When you choose a professional roofer such as IEI Restoration, you can count on us for full service residential roofing. We can inspect your roof for damage, repair existing damages, or even help you replace it entirely. In the event that you are in need of a new roof, you can rest assured that we hold every roofer in our crews to the highest standards. We only use high quality materials, and our craftsmanship will last your roof for years to come.

  • Roof Hail Damage Hail can leave your roof with serious damage, and the best way to prevent further damage is to schedule repairs ASAP.
  • Roofing Storm Damage There are a variety of different ways storms can damage your roof, and we can help you with all of your roofing solutions!
  • Re-Roofing & Roof Replacement Sometimes a new roof makes the most sense for your home, and we can provide professional re-roofing and roof replacement services.
  • Shingle Roofing Shingles are durable, affordable, and a suburban classic. If you need shingle repair or replacement, call IEI Restoration!
  • Real Estate Roof Inspections If you are looking to sell or even buy a home, our professional roof inspections can determine if you need repairs or other roof services.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofer Services

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Our Commercial Roofing Services Are Fast And Effective, For Long-Term Protection!

As a commercial building owner, you have a long laundry list of things you are responsible for. At IEI Restoration, we aim to be the roofer that makes your job easier. Our commercial roof services are designed to cause as little disruption to your day-to-day workings as possible. From cool roof options to high traffic options, we can help you create the right roofing for your building. We are the roofing contractor Denver, CO counts on to create safe and affordable commercial roofing solutions, and we take that responsibility seriously. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at 303-872-0049 to get started!

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Services

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Our Roof Restoration Services Can Extend The Life Of Your Roof By 10 Years Or More!

In the event that you have been told your roof needs to be replaced, call IEI Restoration for a second opinion! Many times, our clients have been told by another roofer that replacement is their only option. However, in many cases, roof restoration is a valid option that can extend the life of your roof by 10 years, and at a much lower cost than total roof replacement. Our roof restoration services can solve problems with leaking, water ponding, cracking, and UV damage. Our roof coatings can even improve the energy efficiency of your roof, with light colored, or reflective options. A cooler roof surface can lead to less expensive heating and cooling costs within your building.

  • Flat Roof Restoration Flat roof restoration can prolong the life of your flat roof, as well as increase energy efficiency.
  • Metal Roof Restoration Metal roof restoration can restore sheen and rust protection to your metal roofing system.
  • Roof Coatings Our roof coatings can solve a variety of common roof problems, as well as provide other long-term benefits!

And More!

Other Helpful Services

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We Do Our Best To Accommodate All Of Our Clients’ Roofing Needs, From Insurance Claims To Roof Replacements!

In the event that your roof has been damaged by a storm or other accident, you may be eligible for help from your home insurance provider. Check your policy, and speak with your representative to make sure that you are covered, and then give us a call! While your roofing contractor cannot speak to the insurance company on your behalf, we can work with your insurance provider to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone involved. To learn more about how we can help you with insurance claim assistance, click here, or call us at 303-872-0049 to speak with an expert IEI Restoration roofer!