Advantages of Concrete Tile Roofs

Contractor Viewing Commercial Roof After Discussing The Advantages of Concrete Tile Roofs

Consider This Affordable Commercial Roof Alternative

Commercial building owners in the market for a new roof should consider concrete tile roofs. IEI Restoration offers concrete tile roof repair and installation to residents of Denver, CO. Perhaps you are looking for something different than the typical commercial metal roof. Check out these advantages of concrete tile:


While they aren’t the most inexpensive roofing type on the market, they are very competitive in terms of pricing. They provide more value than clay tile roofing structures for a lower price. This is especially true when you project the cost over a longer period of time. When you see the rest of the benefits below, you will understand how much of a bargain these concrete tiles actually are for your building.


Concrete tile roofs are known for their lifespan. In fact, the structures are known to last up to 75 years with proper installation and occasional maintenance. This contributes to the aforementioned affordability when you project cost over a long period of time. In addition to lifespan, their durability accounts for a lack of rotting from sun damage, a symptom in which many of the alternatives suffer from.

Energy Efficiency

One of the components to the lack of sun with from these structures suffer is energy efficiency. By significantly cutting heat absorption from the level of more traditional commercial roofing structures, concrete tile can decrease your energy bills and benefit the environment. If you are interested in concrete tile roof repair or installation, give IEI Restoration a call at 303-872-0049.