What Is the Best Metal Roof System?

House Under Construction With Metal Roof

Benefit From Metal Roofing

Ahh, the glory of metal roofing. They not only are systems of roofing materials that offer style, but they also provide superior protection over most other roofing materials. The metal roofing benefits are seemingly endless with their wide array of shapes, colors, and styles that can match the aesthetic of any property. As with any type of roofing service be sure to have an inspection for your roof so proper characteristics and specifications can be determined. With professional metal roofing contractors, you can get matched with the right type of metal roofing material that will match best with your preferences. Here is some basic information regarding metal roofing so you can make the best decision about your future roofing project.

Does a metal roof last longer than shingles?

Metal roofing is able to last 50 plus years while asphalt shingle roofs commonly last 15-25 years. Metal roofing for houses or commercial businesses can come in a variety of materials that range from aluminum to galvanized steel. Commonly metal roof products will be coated with either zinc (galvanized) or have a mixture of zinc and aluminum (galvalume.) Out of all options, a galvalume roof will last the longest with varying levels of thickness that can increase roof life.   

Is it cheaper to get a metal roof or shingles?

Metal roofing can come in different materials and therefore will come at different costs. As of such with corrugated metal panels, for example, you’ll have them be as much as 20% less per square than with asphalt shingles. 

Does a metal roof add value to your home?

Metal roofing is a great way to increase the value of your home and add to the curb appeal from its competitors. With a contemporary metal roof, you may increase the resale value by 1-6% over standard roofing materials like asphalt roofs.

Metal Roofing vs Shingles

Metal roofing is a great option to undertake although their price at $7-$10 per square foot will cost more initially they will last much longer than asphalt shingle roofing at $1.50-$5.50 in the long run. A metal roof can last 40-80 years while asphalt roofing will typically last 15-25 years. The advantages of a metal roof are that you can lower your insurance rate due to their fire resistance capabilities. They also have an 85.9% average return on investment. With metal roofing, you’ll be able to have resistance against such roof problems as shrinking, cracking and eroding. It’ll also protect from such inclement weather as hail, rain, high winds and more. Due to their reflective abilities (reflecting sun rays) you can avoid premature wear while lowering on your monthly energy bills, this is due to the fact that lowering your property’s temperature will allow your AC not to overwork itself thereby conserving more energy. It’s an environmentally friendly option made of up to 95% of recyclable materials and is 100% recyclable at the end of its roof life.

Are metal roofs good?

Metal roofing is a great option to add for your residential or commercial roofing project. Although they cost 2-3 times more than other roofing materials that is due to their number of protective benefits and increases durability. They are less likely to need repairs and have minimal maintenance. They also last decades longer than other roofing materials and can carry on over to the next generation. 

Roof With Blue Metal Tiles

Metal Roofing Benefits

  • Contemporary Look
  • Last 50+ Years
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Class A Fire Protection
  • Inclement Weather Protection
  • Reflective/Cool Roofing
  • Lowers Insurance Costs
  • Lowers Energy Costs
  • Adds Home Value
  • Comes in Various Colors & Styles

Are metal roofs less likely to leak?

Metal roofing isn’t susceptible to leaks due to their superior tight interlocking abilities. The only time to watch out for roof leaks are at the time of initial installation, only poorly installed metal roofing will be susceptible to roof leaks and may point to reroofing. As of such, they are known for being able to resist water infiltration and provide a streamlined path for water off of roofing materials.

Contact A Professional For More Assistance

When you’re curious about what else metal roofing can do for you be sure to get into contact with a professional roofing company!  They will be able to go more in-depth over which roofing materials will provide the best protection fro the requirements of your residential home or commercial building. With a metal roof, you can increase the protection of your property without worrying about the need for future repairs or replacements. Increase the curb appeal of your property with this attractive roofing option that will add a modernized and contemporary feel to your home or business. As with drain cleaning be sure to keep up with your metal roof installation so you can have a secure roofing system for years to come! 

If you’re interested in metal roofing in Denver, CO call (303) 872-0049 with IEI Restoration! 

How Can You Tell If Your Roof Is Leaking?

Hand over minature model of two story house as water drips around hand.

Benefit From Roof Repair

You can tell your roof is leaking when you feel water drip-dropping on your unsuspecting face. Other times you may seeping water drops slithering down your ceiling. Sometimes you won’t notice anything as it’s all happening in your attic which is directly under certain areas of your roof. Ultimately, when your roof is leaking it’s time to burn the house and look for new shelter. It’s too late. Just like that movie about spiders the house has been compromised and it’s time to let it go. Jokes aside roof repair is a great simple solution in saving the integrity of your roof before damages progress further and get too extensive for simple repairs. That’s when you run and seek new shel- just get roof replacements. It’s important to maintain a clear head when roofing emergencies occur, often inclement weather can aggravate certain roofing materials that aren’t resistant to the pressures of wind and the sheer force of hail. Since water damages can ultimately be tricky to catch, the eyes of an expert will be the best help for any roof repair that’s necessary.

Is a roof leak an emergency?

A roof leak can become an emergency if left unattended. Your roofing is comprised of such materials as flashing, facia, insulation, underlayment, and wooden beams that are all essentially covered by sturdy shingles or other roofing materials that if blown off, cracked or torn can leave more sensitive roofing areas vulnerable to roof repair. With cracks and punctures during a rainstorm, you’ll typically run into water damages on your roof and in some cases even inside your home. This can cause beams to become waterlogged as well as increase the likelihood of mold or mildew formation. What’s more, indoor appliances and the ceiling of walls can form water stains or otherwise become damaged by the leaking water. Depending on the severity of the storm, if more storms are to come or the age of your roof roof repair may be recommended as soon as possible. Roofing contractors will typically offer emergency roof repairs within 24 hours if the need arises. Keep in mind that these services often cost extra.

What causes leaking roof?

A leaking roof can be caused by a variety of factors such as a fallen tree, flying debris, ice dams or clogged gutters. A fallen tree can be a danger as well as overarching tree branches since they can alternately puncture, scrape or otherwise aggravate roofing systems to the point where leaks can emerge after or during a storm. That’s why it’s essential to plant trees and trim branches a good distance away from your roof when initial construction or landscaping begins. You may even remedy past transgressions with seasonal maintenance practices. Flying debris is often an issue with high winds, it’s therefore important to plant down or secure in place any potential projectiles in your garden, backyard or around your home in order to avoid damages. Another danger to your roofs that may require roof repair is during the winter time in climates wear snowstorms occur. With snow, you’ll often see the formation of ice dams especially when roofing insulation is uneven in certain areas versus others. This will cause uneven melting and standing ice on the roof which can weigh down on roofing materials or have water escape through cracks in the roofing membrane. Finally, when people think of roof leaks they don’t typically think of clogged gutters as being a culprit.  It’s therefore important to clear out your gutters seasonally since even if cracks are small water will find it’s a way through that escape since their main path of draining is unsupported.

Heavy rain pouring down from passing storm.

What Damages Can A Roof Leak Cause?

  • Waterlogged Beams
  • Water Stains On Roof, Wall, Ceilings
  • Pooling Water On Floors
  • Damaged Indoor Appliances
  • Growth of Mold or Mildew
  • Damaged Fascia, Insulation, Underlayment

Will insurance cover roof repair?

An all perils policy under homeowners insurance will typically cover any damages caused by inclement weather as it is considered an act of nature. This typically counts on the fact that the damaged incurred on the property is sudden and unexpected rather than a result of the progression of time. As of such, certain policies may not provide coverage if a roof reaches a certain age as wear and damages are more likely to occur when roofs age. In this type of case, roof repair may fall under general maintenance and be expected to be covered out of the homeowner’s pocket. When you file a claim you may be expected to hire a professional roof inspector to take pictures to support your claim and assess the extent of damages.

How do you stop a leaking roof?

If you find yourself under the situation of a leaking roof you can make temporary roof repairs by purchasing flashing, asphalt shingles, and roof sealant or caulk at your local hardware store. Depending on your roofing material the extent of damage this may or may not be possible. As of such, for areas that are more expansive, you could cover the roof with a material that would act as an umbrella until professional roof repair commences. With roof repair vs replacement, you’ll see possible roofing solutions range in complexity and price.

How much will roof repair cost?

Roof repair will typically cost between $300-$1, 100. If you’re seeing roof repairs higher than $3,000 it may be best to consider roofing replacements.

What to do if your roof is leaking?

If you’re experiencing a leaking roof it may be necessary to contact or search for the local roofer in your city such as with drain cleaning in Denver, CO. With a professional you’ll be able to localize roof repair and find cost-effective solutions that will best fit with your particular roof.  Stay safe!

If you’re interested in roof repair in Denver, CO call (303) 872-0049 with IEI Restoration!

What is Synthetic Slate Roofing?

Synthetic Slate Looks Great On Residential Properties and Gives Quality Defense.

Durable Premium Roofing, Made Affordable

Have you ever heard someone sing the praises of a slate rooftop? It’s only natural. After all, they’re tough, fireproof, and last for over a century! There’s only one problem. Very few people can actually afford them! However, there’s an alluring alternative to these heavy stone roofs: synthetic slate shingles.

Synthetic shingles convincingly emulate the appearance and design of other premium roofing materials. Today, we’ll learn key benefits and requirements behind this fantastic roofing solution. Afterwards, you should have a clear picture of whether or not these impressive shingles fit your roofing needs. Let’s dive in!

What are Slate Shingles?

As the name implies, synthetic slate shingles aren’t the product of a stone quarry. Roofing manufacturers produce these materials to closely mimic the appearance of natural stone. However, they cast off several of the innate challenges that come with slate roofing, including the immense weight and cost factors.


What is Synthetic Slate Made of?

That depends on which company the material is sourced from. The top roofing manufacturers (Davinci, CertainTeed, and EcoStar, for example), utilize their own proprietary formulas in their synthetic shingle designs. You may find the following materials in a synth slate:

  • Metal bases
  • Rubbers
  • Glass fibers
  • Polymer resins

Which brand of shingles is best? Any of these manufacturers (plus others like GAF and Owens Corning) offer well-tested and consumer-approved products. You will likely find several traditional asphalt shingle products that try to simulate slate as well. We’ll talk about these later.


How Much Does a Synthetic Slate Roof Cost?

Expect synthetic slate materials to cost anywhere between 50 to 60 percent less than natural stone materials. According to Roofing Calculator, faux slate roofing typically falls between $900 and $1100 per square (that’s 100 square feet). Use this rate to estimate the cost of your own project, keeping in mind that price may vary based on your city and state. That’s premium residential roofing pricing, but much more affordable than a natural stone roof.


Are Slate Roofs Good?

Very much so! While they may not offer quite the same strength as natural stone, synthetic slate shingles offer exceptional protection against storm hazards (including hail). You’ll find many synthetic solutions possess a Class 4 impact resistance rating, in addition to Class A fire-resistance scores. In simple terms: they rarely crack and they don’t burn easily.

As pointed out by HGTV, synthetic slate is “considered a ‘green’ building alternative…because all types of synthetic slate can be recycled at the end of a roof’s usable life.” Thanks to their lighter materials, faux slates are also considerably easier to support and install.

Synthetic Slate Roof Pros and Cons

  • Pro: Hardened weather protection
  • Pro: Excellent fire resistance
  • Pro: Lower pricing than traditional slate
  • Pro: Low weight-support requirements
  • Pro: Premium rooftop lifetimes (50 to 100 years)
  • Con: Less home value added (vs stone)
  • Con: Slightly lower durability (vs stone)
  • Con: More expensive than traditional asphalt shingles

Considering Slate for Your Home

There are several key factors to weigh when considering synthetic slate shingles for your home. Budgeting obviously plays a role. We can also compare different types of shingles to find the best solution.


Synthetic Slate Roof vs Asphalt Shingles

In terms of durability and longevity, this one’s a non-contest. While there are many synthetic slate roofing types available on the market, synthetics clearly have an advantage in terms of lifespan (a max 100 years vs asphalt’s 30 years). Of course, they also run around three times the installation cost of asphalt, and don’t require nearly as much maintenance.

That may be the same argument your Denver, CO plumbing services expert makes when he tries to get you to switch to PVC pipes, but it’s sound reasoning. For homeowners with the budget for premium roofing, quality faux slate shingles offer an exceptionally cost-effective solution!


Why Do Slate Roofs Fail Prematurely?

While synthetic shingles generally last for their full lifetime (with proper care), some man-made hazards can drastically shorten the life of your system. Walking on the rooftop without the proper shoes or technique, can weaken the integrity of your shingles. So can relying on weak roofing nails.

The worst threat to long-lived synthetic slate shingles is poorly planned installation. If you desire a lasting rooftop solution, entrust your install to the experts!

Close Look at a Synthetic Slate Shingles Install

Get Your Estimate for Synth Slate!

Synthetic slate roofing offers all the invaluable safety and and style benefits your home requires. With numerous colors and textures to choose from, finding your ideal design is easier than ever before. You (and your insurance company) will also relish the incredible storm and fire protection this roofing solution provides!

Considering durable synthetic slate shingles in Denver, CO or a nearby town? The seasoned roofing professionals at IEI Restoration would love to serve you! You can bring all your questions and project needs to our friendly staff at (303) 872-0049.

Planning Your Spring Home Maintenance

The changing of the seasons often rings the proverbial bell to start back on our home maintenance schedules. Spring offers a time of renewal, a sense of new beginnings and there is a certain floral freshness in the air. After the harsh temperatures and effects of winter storms, we may find that we need to undergo a home inspection in order to ascertain that everything is in functioning order in the exterior and interiors of our homes. It’s important to implement any necessary fixtures at the beginning stages of damage in order to prevent further progression of old problems and the creation of new ones. Start the season fresh by keeping up with your home maintenance so you can enjoy the clear weathers without worries!

Spring Home Maintenance

Springtime brings with it beauty & clarity, freshen up with spring home maintenance!

How do I keep my house in good condition?

A good idea is to develop a home maintenance checklist for yourself or develop a home maintenance plan of action such as implementing home maintenance services for one season versus another and doing interior home inspections yourself if doable. Develop a home maintenance budget that is realistic and doesn’t require shelling out the big guns when it isn’t necessary. In case of emergency repairs, it’s probably best to set some money aside every year as a financial safety precaution so you don’t have to break the bank if inclement weather sets your home’s health back a few years.

Spring Season Related Home Maintenance:

After wintertime, your home is transitioning from the impact of cold weather and snow storms into the warmer climate. During this phasing into new weather, you home may have incurred damages or changed it’s functioning as a result of outside stimuli. Here are some spring related home maintenance tasks you can implement into your checklist.

  • Start raking up the remaining leaves or shoveling the remaining snow surrounding your home.
  • Reseed your lawn in case of any bald spots in time for the summer.
  • Apply a thin layer of mulch to your plants to avoid weeds and drought.
  • Check your trees for signs of damages from storms or rot.
  • Clear out dead shrubs or plants.
  • Trim trees from power lines (have a professional do this task for safety purposes.)
  • When grass is greener and plants begin to bloom later on in the spring, add fertilizer.
  • Mow your lawn if necessary.
  • Turn outside faucets back on.
  • Check exterior drainage to make sure water flows away from the home instead of puddling.
  • Clean gutters from accumulated leaves, grime or sediment from the snow.
  • Check for siding damages on your exterior caused from the winter weather such as holes in your bricks, paint chippings or a cracked foundation.
  • Give you home’s exterior a bath from any grime or dirt, including windows, doors, patio and deck.
  • Check your roofing for cracks, holes or broken shingles in case you need Asphalt Shingle Repair to prevent leaks.
  • Undergo professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in time for the summer.
  • Check windows for holes or cracks so insects don’t come in.

General Home Maintenance Tips

  • Set a plan for both the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Undergo home maintenance inspections seasonally (have a professional one done annually.)
  • Call an HVAC technician bi-annually to check up on your system.
  • Check for plumbing leaks or problems.
  • Clean and check-up on emissions from your chimney to make sure dangerous gases are exiting your home properly.
  • Check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check your sump pump to make sure it’s draining properly.
  • If you have a pool, inspect all the equipment, check or change the valves and filters and treat the water.
  • *Check for clogs in your gutters or downspouts.

*Why do gutters need cleaning?
When gutters are clogged, your draining systems are blocked and with no natural run off, they can cause water damages to your roof as well as landscape.

Spring Time Tasks & Home Maintenance

Trimming your trees, checking your roof & removing foliage & dirt are great tasks to undertake in the spring!

Remember to stay proactive and engaged by modifying your checklists to pick and choose which home maintenance tasks are most relevant for you and your home. Keep your home fresh and in good working order by keeping up with the changing seasons and how they may switch up the routine of your home. Develop a plan and execute it throughout the year in order to ensure that there are no surprises when there comes a time for new installations or repairs. Larger responsibilities can be tabled and separated by reasonable intervals throughout the seasons so home management won’t be as daunting. When springtime comes around, these home tips can create a sense of ease and reliability so you can take time to smell the roses!

If you’re in need of a roofing company that can provide residential roof repairs or you require emergency services after a big storm, you can rely on IEI Restoration! Serving the Denver, CO area, give us a call at (303) 872-0049!

Keeping Winter Energy Use Down With Roof Repair

Your roof can get damaged from numerous things. Animals, age, sun, and weather are the primary culprits of destroying your roof. If a severe storm passes through, major damage can happen to your roof like shingles being ripped off or leaky holes being created. Hail and trees also cause a lot of damage as their powerful weight and impact dent or can even collapse roofs.

You’ll know when to repair roof shingles if you notice that some of your roofing shingles are warped, cracked, splintered, curling, or missing. These are telltale signs that you have damage to your roof and that you need roof repair. Those broken shingles could be hiding more serious issues like holes, leaks, and mold growth underneath. If you suspect you have a leak, call IEI Restoration at (303) 872-0049 for roof leak repair in Denver, CO right away.

Why Roof Maintenance is Important

roofer repairs flashing around a chimney

Flashing, Chimneys, and Skylights Are Often The Causes For Roof Leak Repair

Regularly maintaining your roof is important in that it prevents you from having to get constant roof leak repair services. While annual professional inspections are needed to find and diagnose serious issues, homeowners can perform their own inspections and maintenance regularly to help preserve the life of their roof. Something as simple as cleaning out your gutters or power washing your roof to remove built up algae and grime can help to extend the life of your roof by preventing wood rot or leaks from happening. Other maintenance tasks that a homeowner can routinely do before calling in a professional include:

  • Remove any debris found on the roof like twigs, leaves, and branches.
  • Perform a general inspection and look for anything that can be repaired by yourself, like loose or rusty nails, rotting fascia, or broken shingles.
  • Power wash any mold or algae growth off your roof.
  • Clean out the gutters and clean, repair, or replace the fascia and soffit if need be.
  • Clean out your chimney and vents.
  • Apply more caulking and sealant around the chimney, vents, and skylights on your roof and flashing to prevent leaks.

How to Find a Roof Leak

Since the most common roofing damage is leaking, is a roof leak an emergency? Many times, no. If a severe rainstorm has caused your ceiling to severely leak to the point where buckets are needed to collect the water, then yes. Most often, there won’t be giant holes that you can see which is allowing water in. instead, loose seams, raised shingles, and failing flashing all allow water to seep into any cracks or gaps. Using a roof sealant for leaks like caulking or flashing can help patch these holes, but need to be done by a professional roofer to ensure proper and seamless installation.

You’ll often find a leaking roof is a result of the flashing coming loose around raised fixtures around your roof. These include places like skylights, chimneys, and vents. Since the flashing is often made out of metal, it can rust over time and cause the connection to the fixture to become loose, allowing water inside and requiring leaking roof repair. If you need roof leak repair in Denver, CO, call the roofers at IEI Restoration at (303) 872-0049 today.

Energy Efficient Roofing

homeowner repairs shingles on roof

Routine Roof Maintenance Helps Prevent The Need For Roof Leak Repair By Preventing Damages Form Occurring

If your roof is old or damaged, it is not only unable to provide proper protection against storms and animals, but is unable to protect from the sun, as well. Especially in darker colored roofing systems like asphalt shingles, the sun’s UV rays get absorbed into the felt material, causing the home to feel hotter and raising inside temperatures and energy bills. If shingles are missing or warped, or if the roof decking is ruined, then the sun cannot be reflected and is instead being absorbed, causing your home’s energy bills and temperatures to skyrocket.

Not only can roof leak repair provide better energy efficiency, but it can even increase it! By applying a restorative cool roof coating over your existing roof, the white reflective coating then bounces UV rays off the roof instead of absorbing them, helping to significantly cool down your home and lower your energy bills by as much as 35%! And a cool roof coating doesn’t just reflect heat in hot weather, it is also an insulator that will store heat in cold weather! As winter is approaching, this is a great way to save a ton on your energy bills and get to avoid having to repair your Trane Central Heating unit!

The Importance of Roof Repair

Not getting your roof repaired leads to costly replacements. The average roof installation of an asphalt shingle roof with a life expectancy of 20 years costs $20,000. Getting roof leak repair or replacing a few missing shingles will cost anything from $150 to $4,000 depending on how minor or moderate the repair is is. For major repairs, you can expect to pay $1000 to $3000. If your repairs start reaching the thousand dollar mark, you might want to consider roof replacement, as not only are the damages too severe, but your roof is not providing any of the benefits it once used to like energy efficiency, durability, and safety.

Also, roof leak repair goes beyond just replacing shingles or repairing a leaking roof. Other parts of a roofing system like flashing, soffit and fascia, chimneys, vents, and skylights can all also get damaged and require repairs. If you are unsure what exactly needs repairs, call IEI Restoration at (303) 872-0049 to perform a roof inspection. This allows us to spot any hidden damages and can tell you if you need any services like roof leak repair in Denver, CO.

The Benefits of Roof Leak Repair

  • Better energy efficiency: Well maintained roofs provide better reflectivity which help to cool down your home and save you money on your energy bills.
  • Longer lifespan: Constant damages and repairs to a roof only wears down its age, with you not being able to get the maximum amount of use out of your roof’s warranty.
  • Increased curb appeal: By repairing your roof, you are increasing its visuals, which not only helps to boost your curb appeal but helps to increase your property value, as well. If you ever choose to sell your home, potential buyers will like the fact that the roof is well maintained.
  • Better protection: Large damages to your roof diminish its purpose of protecting the home. Any storm that passes through will only further damage it.

How To Tell If You Have Hail Damage on Your Roof

hand holding up hail next to damaged roof

Call Us For Roof Hail Damage Repair Now!

Hailstorms are scary and painful, making you thankful you have a roof! That is until weeks or months later you start to notice leaks in your ceiling due to holes from the hail. A roof can only protect you from hail damage when it is protected itself! By noticing the signs of hail damage, getting immediate repair, and taking precautions like upgrading to stronger roofs can help prevent you from having hail damage in the future. That way you can avoid damages like holes, dents, missing shingles, and more! Strong hail to your roof can cause holes, allowing rainwater inside and making you need roof leak repair. For roof hail damage repair in Denver, CO, call IEI Restoration at (303) 872-0049 today.

Signs of Roof Hail Damage

  • The most obvious sign of hail damage will be dents in your roof, no matter what kind of material you have.
  • Less deep of dent are called bruises, and this is where parts of your roof look concave and squishy. Sometimes these are harder to see, but runnning your hand over them helps you find them.
  • Cracked, split, and shipped shingles or tiles are indications that hail has hit your roof.
  • If you see shingles on the ground, they have blown off from severe wind or hail. Check your gutters for shingle sediment, as well.
  • Take photos of all evidence and log what day the storm happened for insurance.
  • Roofing contractors are available for professional inspections, and they can find even the most minute of storm damage.

Can You Restore Your Flat Roof?

Flat roofing on your commercial building can be very prone to damage. The reason for this is because of the flat top that is on your building and how there is no slope for things like water to run off of it when it gets wet or there is heavy rain. Often times you can do repairs and the roof will be fine, but over time the roof will begin to wear down and you will have a choice to make. Many people often times think a roof replacement is their only option, but this is not the case. There are other options like getting a flat roof restoration. By doing this, you are not wasting materials on your roof and a new roof can be redone right over the top of the old one. It is easier, less wasteful, and it is typically much cheaper to do it this way.

Types Of Roofing


There Are Many Options For Your Flat Roof.

PVCPVC membrane is a great way to keep your roof protected and to restore the old one that you have. PVC is a less expensive material so if you are looking for something more cost effective, this is a great choice.

EPDM – EPDM is the most popular of the choices because of its cost and because it is very strong and long-lasting.

TPO – While this roofing is not as flexible as PVC, it is generally cheaper than the PVC material and will be able to last on your roof for over 15 years.

Spray – Spray foam roofing is great because it is seamless in its application. It covers the roof and will help to seal out things like water.

If you want a roof restoration in Denver, CO, call us at (303) 872-0049 and IEI Restoration and let us help you today.

How Do Cool Roofs Save Energy?

Roofing for Energy Savings

Metal Roofing, Particularly Aluminum Offers Superior Energy Savings by Reflecting More Sunlight.

Energy efficient roofing has transformed from far flung goal into an attainable opportunity. You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 business to afford a roofing system that helps you conserve energy and lower your utility bill. Nowadays, there are numerous options available on the market that provide “cool roofing” status for your rooftop. Whether you’re an enterprising business owner looking to streamline your utility expenses or you’re a homeowner craving consistent energy savings, here is a brief guide to get you started on your hunt!

How Does Cool Roofing Create Savings?

Cool roofing is very similar to green roofing; the primary goal of cool roofing is to block outside heat and insulate your home or business to preserve conditioned air. In turn, this lessens the demand upon your HVAC system. When your system doesn’t need to be turned on as often, it costs less to keep your home or office comfortable. With lower expenses each day (especially during sunlight hours), this efficiency rapidly generates substantial savings over the course of the year.

There are multiple ways to produce the cool roofing effect. For homeowners, internal insulation solutions and reflective roofing materials produce marvelous results. We generally recommend foam insulation products and aluminum roofing solutions for maximum energy savings. For business owners, we prescribe TPO roofing (for flat systems) and metal roofing (for sloped systems). For companies looking to augment their current roof, a reflective roof coating (like acrylic) is also very effective.

What Colors Reflect the Most Heat?

While almost any color can be utilized in a cool roofing system, color is still an important aspect of cool roofing functionality. Generally, the closer a color is to white or silver, the more reflective the roof will be. Higher reflectivity leads to less heat penetration and wasted air conditioning. When you’re aiming for enhanced energy savings, stick with white, silver, or a least a lighter shade of your preferred color. 

Contact Us for Cool Roofing

Want to learn more about cool roofing and how to earn your energy savings? Feel free to talk with one of our specialists from IEI Restoration! You can give us a call at (303) 872-0049.

Why Choose Roof Restoration?

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Can Get Your Roof Back To Its Best And Fortify Your Materials.

Is your roof looking worse for wear? When your roof is in need of service, you may wonder what your options are. Roof replacement can be an expensive, lengthy, and loud process in order to give your property the roof it needs. An alternative is roof restoration, a service that works with the present materials to improve your roof. At IEI Restoration, we highly recommend this service for those who are not ready for full replacement. It offers many benefits for your roof and is cheaper than replacement service, meaning you get more for your money.

The Benefits of Roof Restoration

  • Restoration is Eco-Friendly: While replacement involves the removal and disposal of used materials, This service works with your present material to improve your roof’s protection. This means you won’t waste roofing material and renew your defense!
  • You Can Improve Upon Your Roof’s Benefits: Your roofing material has its own unique benefits. Have you ever wanted it to offer a bit more? A restoration can add a plethora of benefits for your needs.
  • It Can Repair Leaks: When damaged, your roof can become weakened and allow leaks to enter your property. This service can repair these leaks and damaged materials preventing water from seeping into your home and structure.
  • This Service Can Prevent Replacement Needs:  When your roof receives a coating, it repairs and fortifies the materials, giving them added resiliency against further damage and issues. This extends the life of your roofing materials and safeguards it against damage.

Roof restoration is a fantastic choice for any roof. Need to get started on your service needs today? IEI Restoration is your source for expert roofing repair and restoration. Call us today at (303) 872-0049 for your home’s roof in Denver, CO.


Metal Roofing: Picking Your Durable Material

Red Metal Roofing System

Each Metal Material Offers Unique Benefits. Find Your Perfect Material!

Metal roofing is durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. But how do you go about picking which metal is right for you? To help you as you make your decision, we’ve developed a short guide on three of the top metal roofing material and the top qualities most important to homeowners.

Criteria #1: Cost-Effectiveness

Nothing helps homeowners make decisions better than the bottom line. When it comes to cost, galvanized steel offers high value per square foot. This classic building material is surprisingly light on your home’s supporting structure, making it an easy material to install and maintain. Compared to the other two metals on this list (aluminum and copper), steel is much slower in showing its age, which can go as high as 70 years with proper maintenance.

Criteria #2: Durability

Aluminum is the king of corrosion resistance. This metal is commonly utilized on properties near the ocean, because it resists salted-humidity and intense sunlight without batting an eye. Aluminum is easily shaped to more complicated roofing designs, and it can last just as long as steel roofing. High reflectance against the sun’s UV rays allows aluminum roofing to protect the conditioned air inside your home and reduce your HVAC unit’s energy consumption.

Criteria #3: Property Value

While much more expensive than aluminum and steel roofing, copper provides outstanding homeowner value. The metal itself retains up to 95% of its worth after installation, and it often causes appreciation in total property value. Each copper roofing system develops its own unique (and beautiful) luster over the years, creating a wonderful eye-drawing design.

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