How Often Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

Roof inspections are something that people don’t often talk about. Strangely enough, this is one of the more important things that should being discussed about your house. Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It is the first line of defense against things like weather and anything else that comes at your home. You should have a roof inspection done on your home once a year. This is to prevent any damage that may happen or fix any problems that are already there. If you are preparing and checking on your roof regularly, there won’t be any time for problems to arise with your roof unless it comes on suddenly from weather damage. Things like roof restoration and replacement need to be done when a roof has accrued damage over a long period of time. This happens when owners do not replace old roof shingles or develop mold on their roof.

Reasons to Get an Inspection

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If you get a new roof put on your home, it is likely that you may have gotten a warranty that came along with it. If you did, you may also know that many companies will require you to have your roof inspected once a year in order to maintain that warranty. They do this to protect you and themselves from doing any work that could have been prevented and saving money. You will also get peace of mind from this and not have to worry that you will have a surprise roof problem one day.

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Does Your Home Have Major Damage From a Roof Leak?

A roof leak can cause major damage to your roof in a short amount of time. It is important as a home or business owner that you pay attention to signs that you may have a roof leak of some kind so that you do not find yourself with major damage from water. It is hard to tell if you have a roof leak. There are a few signs to pay attention to, but the most crucial of them all is to make sure you call out an inspector at least once a year.

3 Signs You May Have a Roof Leak

Major Damage

A Water Leak Can Cause Mold To Grow On Your Walls.

Yellow Mark On Ceiling – This is one of the most common tell-tale signs that you have a roof leak. This is because it usually is a giant yellow or brown stain on the top of your living room or some other place you don’t want to see a stain. When water leaks through your roof, it has nowhere else to go except through your drywall. This will stain your walls and may even cause major damage to your drywall. Pay attention to this sign, as it may be the next thing you see in your living room.

Mold – Nobody ever wants to hear the word mold in regards to their home or anywhere else for that matter. If you are worried about a roof leak, climb up onto your roof and see if you can see mold growing on your shingles. Mold thrives in moist places so, if you see mold on your roof, this is a major sign that you have some kind of leaking happening on your roof.

Inspection – We mentioned this before, but it is important to say it again as it is the most important factor in preventing a roof leak. Having a roof inspection done may seem tedious, but when it can save the life of your roof or your home in some cases, you should do it.

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What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

impact resistant shingles

Can Your Roof Benefit From Impact Resistant Shingles?

If you have ever been hit by a hail storm, you already know just how destructive they can be. However, do you know exactly how severely traditional shingles can be damage by hail?

Traditional shingles can break on the inside after being struck by hail, without showing exterior damages. Many Americans were forced to replace their entire roofs after severe hail storms last year, but what if another hail storm hits the new roofs? Today we will discuss a product called impact resistant shingles, and how they can provide more effective protection from hail and other falling objects.

What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

As expected, impact resistant shingles are true to their title, in that they’re able to handle hail storms without cracking on impact. With traditional shingles, hail often causes damage to the top of a shingle, along with the fiberglass matting underneath.

Impact resistant shingles, however, are able to handle hail falling without sustaining damage on the surface, or the mat underneath. There are a few varying ways that shingles are checked for durability, but all include dropping a two inch or larger ball from a measured height. In order to pass as high quality enough for use, the shingle as well as the fiberglass matting must be undamaged by the ball.

Essentially, impact resistant shingles will still effectively protect your  roof, even after suffering through a barrage of hail stones. If you are interested in learning more, or if you would like to speak to a roofing expert about your options for residential roofing, give us a call today at 303-668-7834!

Winterizing Your Roof

Winter is here in many parts of the country, and that means severe weather, cold temperatures, and frosty dew. Taking measures to ensure that your roof is safe and protected during the Winter can help save you time, money, and hassle.

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Our Professionals Can Provide Expert Winterization Techniques to Protect Your Home Throughout the Entire Winter.

Inspect for Shingle Damage

Checking your roof for signs of shingle damage by climbing up to get a close look is an important part of roof winterization. Inspect your shingles to ensure they aren’t torn or showing signs of wear like missing asphalt or thinning. Replace any shingles to prevent leaks and other hidden damages that can cause major damage.

Check Flashing and Caulking

It’s a good idea to check your flashing and caulking to ensure your roof is tightly sealed to repel water. Check around vents, chimneys, and intersection points for areas where the seal may have separated or depleted.

Overhanging Limbs and Gutter Cleaning

Ensure that there are no branches or limbs hanging over your roof. Overhanging branches can collect snow and ice and become heavy enough to break and cause damage to your roofing system. By trimming all branches around your roof, you are helping protect it from debris collision and major damage. This is also a great time to remove any debris or buildup from your gutters. This will keep water flowing as ice or snow melts, and prevent pooling or water damages throughout your roof.

Inspecting your roof before the icy weather hits can help make sure that your roof stays intact through the Winter, providing your home with the protection and insulation it needs. To get a professional roof winterization or to repair any damages found, call the IEI Restoration Experts at (303) 872-0049 to set up your appointment.

How Roof Coatings Add Value To Your Commercial Roof

Roof Coating

Can A Roof Coating Benefit Your Roof?

If you own a commercial building with a flat or low-slope roof, you know all too well just how much maintenance they require. The flat design, though extremely beneficial to your building, can sometimes make for additional wear and tear for the surface of your roof. Instead of replacement, we often recommend roof coatings for flat roofs. There are a few different kinds to choose from, and they all offer different benefits that can help your roof. Below, we will discuss those types, and their benefits!


If you are looking for something extremely tough, silicone is a good place to start. In fact, it is particularly resistant to storm damage. When your roof system has this layer directly administered to it, it provides your roofing system UV resistance, letting it deflect UV rays away from your property. This reflective increases your roof’s energy efficiency by a significant amount! Silicone coatings are also resistant to chalking and discoloration, thanks to that UV resistance. Controlling water damage and ponding are typical issues of many roofing systems, but with a silicone roof coating, you do not have to worry, since the silicone effectively repels water. In turn, this prevents the growth of mold and mildews. These coatings can even add 10 – 15 years to the lifespan of your flat roof!


Polyurea is considered a hybrid roof coating, and is easily the fastest to apply. Thanks to the chemical composition of polyurea, it cures extremely fast, which is ideal in rainy climates. Additionally, once it cures, this coating is incredibly durable against weather, and is also resistant to UV damage.


As one of the better-looking options, acrylic roof coatings act as a cool roof system for your property, as well. They also provide an extraordinary level of weather and sun resistance for your roof system. Additionally, these coatings are particularly flexible, making them ideal for climates where the temperatures can fluctuate from one extreme to another.

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Qualities of a Professional Roof Inspection

Roof InspectorEvery house should have its roof inspected before it goes on the real estate market. If you are a homeowner in the Denver, CO area, IEI Restoration can provide professional roof inspection services. But what actually takes place during one of these inspections? Well that depends on the quality of the business you are hiring to perform it. If the company is professional, a roof inspection should cover the following:

Exterior Roof Survey

To survey the exterior, inspectors will have to use a ladder to climb to the top of the home. From there they can investigate potential exterior problems like roof leaks, shingle displacement, chimney damage, or ice dam formation.

Interior Roof Survey

To perform this examination, inspectors will have to access the attic of your home. From there they can look for things like insulation problems (by testing R-Value), moisture infiltration, mold growth, and poor ventilation.

After completing both inspections, the inspector should then write a full report of their findings and discuss each with the homeowner. Within these findings, inspectors should include the following:

Areas of Concern

Inspectors will want to document every indication of damage noticed during the inspection. Even minor details should be noted. Usually, pictures of the damaged areas will accompany the final printed report. If the damage is severe, a more immediate action might be necessary.

Recommended Plan of Action

Based on the damages, roofers should layout the best plan of action in their professional opinion. This plan will also note the projected cost or estimate of the repairs and list alternatives to not following the primary plan. Depending on the priority of the damages, several days or weeks can be taken by the homeowner to decide which plan works best for them. Call 303-872-0049 for professional roof inspection in Denver, CO.

Advantages of Concrete Tile Roofs

Contractor Viewing Commercial Roof After Discussing The Advantages of Concrete Tile Roofs

Consider This Affordable Commercial Roof Alternative

Commercial building owners in the market for a new roof should consider concrete tile roofs. IEI Restoration offers concrete tile roof repair and installation to residents of Denver, CO. Perhaps you are looking for something different than the typical commercial metal roof. Check out these advantages of concrete tile:


While they aren’t the most inexpensive roofing type on the market, they are very competitive in terms of pricing. They provide more value than clay tile roofing structures for a lower price. This is especially true when you project the cost over a longer period of time. When you see the rest of the benefits below, you will understand how much of a bargain these concrete tiles actually are for your building.


Concrete tile roofs are known for their lifespan. In fact, the structures are known to last up to 75 years with proper installation and occasional maintenance. This contributes to the aforementioned affordability when you project cost over a long period of time. In addition to lifespan, their durability accounts for a lack of rotting from sun damage, a symptom in which many of the alternatives suffer from.

Energy Efficiency

One of the components to the lack of sun with from these structures suffer is energy efficiency. By significantly cutting heat absorption from the level of more traditional commercial roofing structures, concrete tile can decrease your energy bills and benefit the environment. If you are interested in concrete tile roof repair or installation, give IEI Restoration a call at 303-872-0049.

How To Know If Your Roof Is Damaged By Hail

How To Know If Your Roof Is Damaged By Hail

Look For These To Find Out If Your Roof Is Damaged By Hail

While a little rain never hurt anyone, the same can not be said for hail. Hail can not only hurt you but it has the potential to wreck major havoc on your home and roof. When this happens, you want to make sure your roof is in good condition. But how exactly can you determine if your roof is damaged by hail? Below are signs to look out for if you think your roof has been damaged by a hail storm.


Right after a hail storm, check to see if there is any water on your walls or ceiling. You might even go up to your attic to see if there are any leaks that you can detect.


Because hail is extremely hard when it makes contact with an object, it has the ability to make dents or bruises on objects. For instance, your gutters can determine if your roof is damaged by hail because it will be dented where it hadn’t been dented before.


If you feel safe and comfortable getting on your roof, you should check to see if you have missing, cracked, dented, or broken shingles. If the storm was severe enough, it could knock shingles off the roof entirely, which you would see on your lawn.


Your exterior walls will also determine if you’ve been hit by hail damage. Examine your siding or the paint on your exterior walls. Are there new chips, dents, bruises that weren’t there before? That is a good indicator that your roof might be damaged from hail.


This is a pretty obvious one, but if your windows are cracked or broken after a storm, that’s a pretty good indicator that you probably have hail damage to your roof.

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How To Find The Right Roofing Contractor In Denver, CO

Roofing Contractors

Don’t Hire A New Roofer Until You’ve Read These 3 Tips!

When you need a reliable roofing contractor, there are so many to choose from, it can be hard to determine who will do the best job for your home. If you are in need of roof repairs after a storm, it can be tempting to say yes to the first roofing contractor that knocks on your door. However, there are a few things you should consider before you make your choice!

How’s Their BBB rating?

Throughout the years there have been reports of homeowners being scammed by cut-rate door-to-door roofers. In some cases, the roofers in question had wonderful reviews on their website, but it turned out later they were fake reviews. In order to protect yourself from roof scams, be sure to look for their Better Business Bureau ranking. If they don’t have a great score, or if they aren’t listed at all, find a different roofer!

How’s Their Selection?

A professional roofer has a wide variety of roofing materials you can choose from. The type of shingles you choose can affect the value of your home for years to come. If the roofer you’ve been speaking with has a poor selection, or doesn’t offer you advice on better shingle choices, they likely don’t have your best interest in mind.

How’s Their Attitude?

If the roofer you are considering is anything other than pleasant, you should look for a new one! If they attempt to pressure you into letting them work before the insurance company had estimated the damage, that is a big red flag. A professional roofing company wait patiently for your insurance company to finish its inspection, and will thoroughly examine your roof after the insurance adjuster has, and verify that they didn’t miss anything.

When you need a professional and reliable roofer in Denver, CO, call the experts at 303-872-0049! Here at IEI Restoration, we are dedicated to providing great roofing services at affordable prices.