Can You Restore Your Flat Roof?

Flat roofing on your commercial building can be very prone to damage. The reason for this is because of the flat top that is on your building and how there is no slope for things like water to run off of it when it gets wet or there is heavy rain. Often times you can do repairs and the roof will be fine, but over time the roof will begin to wear down and you will have a choice to make. Many people often times think a roof replacement is their only option, but this is not the case. There are other options like getting a flat roof restoration. By doing this, you are not wasting materials on your roof and a new roof can be redone right over the top of the old one. It is easier, less wasteful, and it is typically much cheaper to do it this way.

Types Of Roofing


There Are Many Options For Your Flat Roof.

PVCPVC membrane is a great way to keep your roof protected and to restore the old one that you have. PVC is a less expensive material so if you are looking for something more cost effective, this is a great choice.

EPDM – EPDM is the most popular of the choices because of its cost and because it is very strong and long-lasting.

TPO – While this roofing is not as flexible as PVC, it is generally cheaper than the PVC material and will be able to last on your roof for over 15 years.

Spray – Spray foam roofing is great because it is seamless in its application. It covers the roof and will help to seal out things like water.

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