Choosing The Right Roofing Material

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Choose The Roof That You’ve Been Dreaming Of.

When you are putting a new roof on your home, whether it be your new house or a new roof to replace the old one, it is important that you do your research. There is a roof out there for everyone. Sometimes you need a more traditional shingle roof and sometimes you may want to go all out get a slate roof. With so many different options, it is important that you know just what you want before you have it put on.

Different types of Roofs

Wooden Shake – A wooden shake roof is a shingle roof made of wood. The look will give your house a comfortable, traditional feel and warm it up right away. The problem with real wood being on your roof, is that it can become damaged very easily. It requires a lot of maintenance because of rotting and water damage over time.

SlateSlate roofing is the ideal roofing material for someone who wants a higher end sleek look that will last for over 70 years. Because of this, it is a very expensive choice to go with, but it makes all the difference when you are deciding what to get.

3-Tab Shingles – You will find these on many new build home. The reason is because they are inexpensive compared to many others, and they do their job really well. They sit flat on your roof and are side by side instead on one on top of the other. This roofing material will last you around 20 years if you are taking the right steps.

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