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Cedar Shake Roofing

cedar shake roof repair

Cedar Shingles Were Once Very Popular Due To Their Resistance To Extreme Weather Conditions, And Other Benefits!

Do you need cedar shake roof repair in Denver, CO? Call the experts at IEI Restoration, at 303-872-0049! We have years of experience in roof repairs, restorations, and replacements, and we have serviced many cedar shake roofs over the years.
From what we’ve seen, many of the cedar shake roofs built in the Denver Metro area 20-30 years ago have not been treated properly, creating an epidemic of failing roof systems. IEI Restoration specializes in evaluating the condition of wood shake shingles and developing solutions involving repair or replacement based on our findings. The good news about cedar shake roofs is that they’ll last through just about any storm; the bad news is that they’ll last until they rot off your roof, and right now many of the shake roofs installed in the late 80’s and early 90’s are at the end of their lifespan.

As shake shingles age, you get feathering, breakage, erosion, and holes from erosion that expose the underlayment, which in turn will dry out and crack, creating penetration points for moisture. Also, after the many fires in recent years, individual municipalities around the state are beginning to require homeowners to replace their shake roofs in the next two years, with shingles that are more fire resistant, such as asphalt shingles or concrete tiles.

Is Roof Replacement Better Than Cedar Shake Roof Repair?

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We Provide Top Quality Cedar Shake Roof Repair And Replacement Services!

If the wear and tear from your aging shake shingles is happening across at least 3 of the 4 slopes, there is often far too much damage to these slopes to make isolated repairs, and a full replacement is much better. If you live in a neighborhood with shake roofs, you may have seen neighbors who have had cedar shake roof repair in which their ridge was replaced and some isolated repairs were done. They will have spent between $2000 and $3000 depending on the size of the roof, only to have an incomplete repair. Invariably we can go up on those roofs and point out many, many other shingles that should have been replaced but were not. The reason being that if you replaced all of the shingles that needed to be replaced, you would have an entirely new roof! Roofers will often sell repairs because a homeowner would much rather hear that the roof can be repaired for a significantly lower cost than it can be replaced. In general, we recommend replacing your cedar roof shingles in lieu of cedar shake roof repair, in order to save yourself money, time, and hassle in the long run. Not only that, getting rid of your shakes will often help you save money on your insurance premiums.

When you need reliable replacement of cedar roof shingles, or high quality cedar shake roof repair in Denver, CO, call our experts at 303-872-0049! At IEI Restoration, we are dedicated to providing our professional roofing services at affordable prices, as well as providing premium customer service. We aim to improve your roof in the long-term, and we are happy to help you make educated decisions about your roof that will increase the durability of your investment as well as the value of your home.