Cool Roofing Installation Services

If you want to increase your energy efficiency, installing a cool roof in Denver, CO is a good way to start. Heat from the sun gets soaked up by other roof products. After the roof absorbs the heat, it passes it onto the interior of the building below. Cool roof systems reflect the UV rays away from the structure. A cooler temperature on your roof will lower the internal climate of the structure and increase your energy efficiency. For more information concerning cool roofing, contact IEI Restoration at (303) 872-0049. We install a wide range of cool roof materials and are always happy to help you in selecting the one that is right for your roofing requirements.

Ask Our Experts if a Cool Roof is Right for Your Building.

A Cool Roof Can Offer Not Only Energy Savings, but Also Durability, Low Maintenance, and Longevity.

Advantages of Purchasing a Cool Roof

There are several benefits in addition to energy savings that can come from purchasing a cool roofing system such as EPDM or PVC roofing. One advantage is that you’ll save money on roof replacements. Traditional roofing products are easily damaged by the UV rays from the sun. Over time, this can break down your roof and you will have to have it repaired. A cool roof system doesn’t absorb the UV rays from the sun, and therefore it will last significantly longer than traditional roof materials before it needs repairs. Your air conditioning equipment will also run more efficiently once you have installed a cool roof. By installing a cool roof, you are lowering the workload of your air conditioning units. This decreases the chances of your cooling systems needing serious repairs or replacement. Finally, cool roofing improves the environment by lowering the emissions given off by commercial Ac units.

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IEI Restoration is always ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the benefits of purchasing a cool roof in Denver, CO. In order to provide our clients dependable cool roofing materials, we only partner with the best roofing manufacturers in the industry. Our staff has years of commercial roof experience, so you can rest easy that the roof we install for you is going to last. When you want to schedule your next roofing appointment, call us at (303) 872-0049.