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Is your business’ flat roof in need of repair? IEI Restoration is your Denver, CO expert for all types of commercial flat roof repair, including rolled asphalt, EPDM Rubber, and PVC membrane. With years of experience in commercial roofing, IEI Restoration will evaluate roof repairs are needed and work with you to decide on a plan of action. Our team specializes in commercial flat roof repairs and installations in Denver, CO, and have an experienced team ready to answer your questions. Call us today to learn more at (303) 872-0049.

Types of Flat Roof Systems

Rolled asphalt is an inexpensive choice for a commercial flat roof, but this type has the shortest lifespan, lasting between 10-15 years. While this system is less costly in the beginning, leaks are difficult to locate with rolled asphalt roofs and usually end in a roof replacement.

EPDM rubber roof systems last substantially longer, with a lifespan of 30-40 years. EPDM roofs are cost effective and can help lower energy costs due to the use of UV deflection ingredients. They are also comparatively simple to repair, and can usually be done by an experienced flat roof repair team such as IEI Restoration in a reasonable time frame.

TPO membrane is an inexpensive polymer-based commercial flat roof option. This is the most inexpensive of the polymer roofing choices but comes with its share of drawbacks. TPO roof membrane is only available in small sheets which creates more seams. In time, these seams will begin to separate causing roof leaking. You can expect your TPO roof to last from 15-20 years with regular repairs. However, TPO membrane is as UV and heat resistant as EPDM roofs, and heat weldable like PVC options.

PVC membrane is the most expensive choice but requires repairs less often. This roofing system is fairly new, and while it is expected to have lifespan capabilities longer than EPDM rubber roofing, the exact timeframe is still unknown. However, due to the increased flexibility of the PVC polymer, repairs are needed less often, and wear and tear are less evident.

Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Replacement

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When installed correctly, commercial flat roof systems can be the least expensive option for most business owners and can have a lifespan of 10- 40 years depending on the materials used.

However, regular repairs will be needed and should be done by an experienced flat roof repair specialist. Your IEI Restoration team has the experience and know-how to complete your commercial flat roof repairs timely and efficiently to ensure your business isn’t interrupted.

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