Modified Bitumen Roofing

The roofing contractors at IEI Restoration are ready to provide commercial customers operating in Denver, CO area with modified bitumen roof work that includes assembling, renovations, and upkeep. For over 40 years, the modified bitumen roof has been a prominent roofing system for commercial buildings that possess a slanted or fixed roofing surface. APP and SBS are the types of modified bitumen roofing in the market and we will supply repairs, installations, and maintenance to each of these roof types in order to fully assist all of our clients. When you want a roofing system that is cost-effective, can withstand outdoor components and is incredibly sturdy, a modified bitumen roofing system is an excellent selection for office structures. Our roof business is available to assist you to give you a better performing roof, so contact IEI Restoration today at (303) 872-0049 to get a modified bitumen roof in Denver, CO for an unrivaled roof for commercial buildings.

Find Our if Modified Bitumen is the Right Roof Material for You.

Our Experts Can Install Your Modified Bitumen Roof Quickly and Conveniently.

Perks To a Modified Bitumen Roof

Affordable Material and Assembly: Buying and assembling roofing products can be an expensive undertaking, but office structure owners can have better comfort knowing that modified bitumen roofs are not just powerful but also affordable.

Lasting Roof Quality: Not only do these roof systems not require a lot of maintenance but because modified bitumen roofs are very durable, they are able to last for at least 20 years.

Roofing is Adaptable: A modified bitumen roofing system can be installed using hot, cold, or bonding and can look however you want, making this a very flexible roofing system for office buildings.

Solid Roofing Choice: This roof can withstand any weather since it broadens if it’s hotter and compresses if it’s colder; it is also resistant to any holes and breakages.

If you are interested in learning the details about a modified bitumen roof for your Denver, CO office building, the roofing contractors at IEI Restoration will be thrilled to discuss the benefits of these roofs in with more specifics.

Better Roofing for Your Office Building

Roof installations should continually be executed properly the first time along, but frequently that’s not always the fact; at IEI Restoration you are able to trust that our roofers will always install your modified bitumen roofing the right way. We are experts in modified bitumen roofing, so we are able to deliver installations that are long-lasting, exceptional, and offer your office building with additional security. We guarantee that your modified bitumen roof will be assembled accurately by employing licensed roofing contractors who have years of knowledge, and by using the best equipment and materials. If you need an expert roofer who you are able to trust, you are able to depend on the roofers at IEI Restoration. To schedule a consultation for modified bitumen roofs in Denver, CO, you can reach us at (303) 872-0049 for professional modified bitumen roofing installations, renovations, and upkeep.