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Is your building set up with an attached patio that has to be renovated or a rooftop deck in need of an upgrade? Rooftop deck construction is a rising trend throughout the commercial roofing industry, and building a patio roof has turned into yet another way to add beauty and value to your business. We have several roof options to pick from at IEI Restoration, and we’re committed to providing you with the solution you are searching for! No matter which service you require from us, from patio roof repair in Denver, CO to adding a rooftop deck solution, our experts are available to help! To find out more about the services we offer, give our roofing specialists a call at (303) 872-0049 and set up an appointment!

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Aluminum Rooftop Decks & Patio Roofs

There are many varying materials that can be utilized for rooftop decks and patio roofs, but included in the most popular is aluminum. Aluminum patio covers are safe from the elements and don’t need as much maintenance as alternative roof materials such as wood shakes. Aluminum is a fantastic roof material for stopping leaks, which is why aluminum rooftop deck installations are a resilient solution. Mold and termites are often the death of exterior additions, but aluminum is not vulnerable to either and is also safe from rust. If your existing installation is frequently needing patio roof repair services, you may want to look into removing it, and then building a patio roof with aluminum instead! Call our professionals now at (303) 872-0049 if you would like to learn more about alternative materials for adding a rooftop deck or patio roof!

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An outdoor space is a great addition to any structure. Adding a rooftop deck is expensive, but a smart solution for businesses that do not have space for a standard patio, and a smart technique to add value to the property. Patios are more common, and less costly, but can cut into development space. We have plenty of expertise in patio and rooftop deck construction, so call us now at (303) 872-0049 if you need an installation, or cost-effective patio roof repair in Denver, CO!