Metal Roofing: Picking Your Durable Material

Red Metal Roofing System

Each Metal Material Offers Unique Benefits. Find Your Perfect Material!

Metal roofing is durable, long-lasting, and beautiful. But how do you go about picking which metal is right for you? To help you as you make your decision, we’ve developed a short guide on three of the top metal roofing material and the top qualities most important to homeowners.

Criteria #1: Cost-Effectiveness

Nothing helps homeowners make decisions better than the bottom line. When it comes to cost, galvanized steel offers high value per square foot. This classic building material is surprisingly light on your home’s supporting structure, making it an easy material to install and maintain. Compared to the other two metals on this list (aluminum and copper), steel is much slower in showing its age, which can go as high as 70 years with proper maintenance.

Criteria #2: Durability

Aluminum is the king of corrosion resistance. This metal is commonly utilized on properties near the ocean, because it resists salted-humidity and intense sunlight without batting an eye. Aluminum is easily shaped to more complicated roofing designs, and it can last just as long as steel roofing. High reflectance against the sun’s UV rays allows aluminum roofing to protect the conditioned air inside your home and reduce your HVAC unit’s energy consumption.

Criteria #3: Property Value

While much more expensive than aluminum and steel roofing, copper provides outstanding homeowner value. The metal itself retains up to 95% of its worth after installation, and it often causes appreciation in total property value. Each copper roofing system develops its own unique (and beautiful) luster over the years, creating a wonderful eye-drawing design.

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