Planning Your Spring Home Maintenance

The changing of the seasons often rings the proverbial bell to start back on our home maintenance schedules. Spring offers a time of renewal, a sense of new beginnings and there is a certain floral freshness in the air. After the harsh temperatures and effects of winter storms, we may find that we need to undergo a home inspection in order to ascertain that everything is in functioning order in the exterior and interiors of our homes. It’s important to implement any necessary fixtures at the beginning stages of damage in order to prevent further progression of old problems and the creation of new ones. Start the season fresh by keeping up with your home maintenance so you can enjoy the clear weathers without worries!

Spring Home Maintenance

Springtime brings with it beauty & clarity, freshen up with spring home maintenance!

How do I keep my house in good condition?

A good idea is to develop a home maintenance checklist for yourself or develop a home maintenance plan of action such as implementing home maintenance services for one season versus another and doing interior home inspections yourself if doable. Develop a home maintenance budget that is realistic and doesn’t require shelling out the big guns when it isn’t necessary. In case of emergency repairs, it’s probably best to set some money aside every year as a financial safety precaution so you don’t have to break the bank if inclement weather sets your home’s health back a few years.

Spring Season Related Home Maintenance:

After wintertime, your home is transitioning from the impact of cold weather and snow storms into the warmer climate. During this phasing into new weather, you home may have incurred damages or changed it’s functioning as a result of outside stimuli. Here are some spring related home maintenance tasks you can implement into your checklist.

  • Start raking up the remaining leaves or shoveling the remaining snow surrounding your home.
  • Reseed your lawn in case of any bald spots in time for the summer.
  • Apply a thin layer of mulch to your plants to avoid weeds and drought.
  • Check your trees for signs of damages from storms or rot.
  • Clear out dead shrubs or plants.
  • Trim trees from power lines (have a professional do this task for safety purposes.)
  • When grass is greener and plants begin to bloom later on in the spring, add fertilizer.
  • Mow your lawn if necessary.
  • Turn outside faucets back on.
  • Check exterior drainage to make sure water flows away from the home instead of puddling.
  • Clean gutters from accumulated leaves, grime or sediment from the snow.
  • Check for siding damages on your exterior caused from the winter weather such as holes in your bricks, paint chippings or a cracked foundation.
  • Give you home’s exterior a bath from any grime or dirt, including windows, doors, patio and deck.
  • Check your roofing for cracks, holes or broken shingles in case you need Asphalt Shingle Repair to prevent leaks.
  • Undergo professional Air Conditioner Maintenance in time for the summer.
  • Check windows for holes or cracks so insects don’t come in.

General Home Maintenance Tips

  • Set a plan for both the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Undergo home maintenance inspections seasonally (have a professional one done annually.)
  • Call an HVAC technician bi-annually to check up on your system.
  • Check for plumbing leaks or problems.
  • Clean and check-up on emissions from your chimney to make sure dangerous gases are exiting your home properly.
  • Check your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Check your sump pump to make sure it’s draining properly.
  • If you have a pool, inspect all the equipment, check or change the valves and filters and treat the water.
  • *Check for clogs in your gutters or downspouts.

*Why do gutters need cleaning?
When gutters are clogged, your draining systems are blocked and with no natural run off, they can cause water damages to your roof as well as landscape.

Spring Time Tasks & Home Maintenance

Trimming your trees, checking your roof & removing foliage & dirt are great tasks to undertake in the spring!

Remember to stay proactive and engaged by modifying your checklists to pick and choose which home maintenance tasks are most relevant for you and your home. Keep your home fresh and in good working order by keeping up with the changing seasons and how they may switch up the routine of your home. Develop a plan and execute it throughout the year in order to ensure that there are no surprises when there comes a time for new installations or repairs. Larger responsibilities can be tabled and separated by reasonable intervals throughout the seasons so home management won’t be as daunting. When springtime comes around, these home tips can create a sense of ease and reliability so you can take time to smell the roses!

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