Qualities of a Professional Roof Inspection

Roof InspectorEvery house should have its roof inspected before it goes on the real estate market. If you are a homeowner in the Denver, CO area, IEI Restoration can provide professional roof inspection services. But what actually takes place during one of these inspections? Well that depends on the quality of the business you are hiring to perform it. If the company is professional, a roof inspection should cover the following:

Exterior Roof Survey

To survey the exterior, inspectors will have to use a ladder to climb to the top of the home. From there they can investigate potential exterior problems like roof leaks, shingle displacement, chimney damage, or ice dam formation.

Interior Roof Survey

To perform this examination, inspectors will have to access the attic of your home. From there they can look for things like insulation problems (by testing R-Value), moisture infiltration, mold growth, and poor ventilation.

After completing both inspections, the inspector should then write a full report of their findings and discuss each with the homeowner. Within these findings, inspectors should include the following:

Areas of Concern

Inspectors will want to document every indication of damage noticed during the inspection. Even minor details should be noted. Usually, pictures of the damaged areas will accompany the final printed report. If the damage is severe, a more immediate action might be necessary.

Recommended Plan of Action

Based on the damages, roofers should layout the best plan of action in their professional opinion. This plan will also note the projected cost or estimate of the repairs and list alternatives to not following the primary plan. Depending on the priority of the damages, several days or weeks can be taken by the homeowner to decide which plan works best for them. Call 303-872-0049 for professional roof inspection in Denver, CO.