Roof Flashing Repairs

Roof flashing repair can be tricky for inexperienced roofers, but the experts at IEI Restoration have plenty of experience, and can complete the job quickly and effectively. There are parts of your roof that are exposed, such as edges as well as seams, so flashing is in place to protect your roof. Your home's flashing additionally helps with drainage, as it helps moves water from your roofing, towards your gutters. If you find yourself in need of help with your flashing, our professionals are prepared and qualified to help.

We Offer Quick, Convenient Roof Flashing Repairs.

Roof Flashing Protects YOur Roof’s Seams From Water Leaks and Other Damage. Ensure Yours is in Optimal Condition.

Deteriorated flashing has a repercussion of weak areas around your roofing system. As roofing leaks impact everything from your insulation, walls, ceilings, and roof, they should get addressed quickly. Flashing additionally lures rain as a piece of the roofing’s drainage system. Because of its role in the drain structure, deteriorated flashing becomes doubly critical to fix. As rain gushes down, the drainage system channels it to the vulnerable area created through flawed flashing. A necessity for flashing service in Denver, CO should get entrusted to IEI Restoration. Call us right away at (303) 872-0049 for all concerns or questions.


Flashing Repair Signals

When you detect any of the following signs, do not hesitate to call us and schedule flashing reconstruction. As damaged flashing makes your roof exposed to storms, it will engender a necessity for much more costly service across time.

Age: Roofer cement or tar may have acted as flashing in old houses. These substances can degrade over the years and force the homeowner to make service. Whether your flashing has aged past the point of serviceability will become displayed through a quick inspection. When we enact service, we employ new, first-rate metal to construct a residence’s flashing defense.

Rust or Corrosion: The day can arrive where even metal flashing, despite its strength, will need service. Flashing that has started to rust definitely necessitates restoration. Flashing that has become vulnerable to rainfall can no longer accomplish its work. Flashing that gets left to rust can over time corrode to the state where it does nothing.

Roof Leaks: Old or improperly installed flashing could serve as a probable offender for leakage in your home. Due to its role in your roofing’s drain structure, certain components of flashing have additional vulnerability to rainfall. Flashing only has a single function: to defend your roof’s vulnerable areas from wear. If leakage has occurred at your flashing, you must have it repaired as soon as possible.

Call Our Team Right Away

If you harbor any concerns with roof flashing in Denver, CO, you can invariably reach us at (303) 872-0049. After we complete a full check-up, we will repair or replace components of flashing as necessary. We serve as the local masters for all flashing needs.