Storm Damage Insurance Claims

We Provide Guidance and Advice for Your Roof Damage Insurance Claim.

Roof Damage Insurance Claims Can be Difficult to Navigate. Let Our Experts Help.

Denver, CO roof insurance claim aid is just a call away for your home! Roof damage insurance claims are one of the most intense and confusing aspects of home-ownership for many people. These proceedings can be stressful and hard, leading you to examine any and all damage before you file to ensure it is worth the hardship. This means that hail and storm damage can be left unrepaired or make more damage as you examine what is relevant for your insurance claim. The company to contact for your roof damage insurance claims requirements is IEI Restoration. The roofing inspection services we provide help you assess your roofing system after the storm has passed. Once all damage is discovered by our roofers and a complete inspection, we discuss your options for your roof. We will advise you on your insurance claim filing and whether the damage is significant enough to file. You can count our damage report as part of your documentation when cooperating with your insurance provider.

Of course, we are always on hand to complete repairs and replacement on your roof. Get started on your roof damage insurance claims with the roof insurance claims professionals. Contact (303) 872-0049 today! Since we value our clientele, we do our best to ensure that their interests are defended throughout the insurance process. Realistically, we will locate harm that the insurance company will miss. Even if the trouble does not look severe, call our company in the aftermath of a serious weather event. We can not only render the preliminary check-up that helps with the claim, we can guide you through the entire process.

Roof Damage Insurance Claims Process

Prior to filing roof damage insurance claims, you can be amazed to hear that having a roofing inspection from a roofing company can aid you! The first time you speak with an insurance adjuster will be scheduling a date for the adjuster’s inspection. Your roof damage insurance claims adjuster will investigate all the damage in order to devise a report which makes clear what repairs are needed. When you possess a report from your roofing contractor, you have:


Proof For Your Claim

Information on all present storm damage

Confirmation of storm damage

Guidance on What to Expect

Your filing documentation for the insurance adjuster can include the roofing inspection report and the contact information the roofing company. Before and after photos of your roofing are also important to forward for visible evidence of damage. All of the information from you and the adjuster’s appraisal will lead to a damage report that is sent to you. Repairs can initiate when you receive your first check with your damage report. After repairs are done, your insurance company will get an invoice from your roofing contractor and they send a second check.

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Roofing contractors from IEI Restoration are licensed professionals who aid you with your roof damage insurance claims and roofing system repair. We will aid you through every step of the process, from the first inspection to roofing system repair or replacement. Your roof specifications are met by our roofers as they keep you apprised through every step of the roofing process. Get started with our licensed team today! Contact IEI Restoration at 303-872-0049 for your roof damage insurance claims in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.