Wind Damage Roofing Repairs

A lot of people believe that hail storms and rain storms are the only two severe weather damages that are able to impact your home and roofing system. Although they are right that hail and rainfall will do a bit of harm, high winds mostly cause the most damage. Roofing systems are known for how dependable they are, but with strong winds, there will be sections on the roof that will become impaired. Flashing, insulation, and decking can become sensitive to high winds because they can be effortlessly raised due to strong winds, that can result in water to enter your house and introduce you to leaks, mildew, and rotten wood.

The Power of Strong Winds

Unrepaired Wind Damage Can Lead to Costly Leaks and Weaknesses.

Wind Damage Causes Both Seen and Unseen Damages.

High winds won't only affect the roof directly; with high winds, there is the chance that limbs and debris will hit your roofing system. Branches can scratch up the surface of the roofing, tear off shingles, or have entire branches land on your roofing. Debris can't really do a lot of damage to the roofing system, but it is able to block up gutters which will then cause water to puddle on the roof. A thing that homeowners need to be aware of is that when a roofing system gets older, it loses some its security.

When you need roof wind damage repair in Denver, CO, know who to call.At IEI Restoration, we give you the repair services you want to get your roofing back defending your home. Designed to repair and bolster your roof system, our roof wind damage repair will reinvigorate your house’s protection. Contact (303) 872-0049 for top-notch roofing services and roof wind damage repair!

Inspect for Wind Damage

To gauge if you need roof wind damage repair, there are a few steps you can perform to determine the state of your roof. Inspect your roofing to see if there is any loosened or removed material. When these bits are damaged by high winds, it leaves your roofing unprotected from more damage. The lingering material on your roof should be checked to see if it is keeping moisture or curling and marred, as this may point out a leak in your roofing structure. The roof system surface may also have dents visible from any strikes from trees or debris from the last storm. There can also be some damage beneath the layers of your roofing structure. For an indoor inspection, take a look at your roofing structure from inside your attic to detect any leaks or damage not readily visible from the exterior inspection. To ensure that all damage is identified, have our roofers inspect your roof thoroughly. When we identify damage, we finish roof wind damage repair to strengthen your roof system and get it back to its best. Let’s get started today! Give IEI Restoration a call at (303) 872-0049 for roof wind damage repair in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.